CD: "The Funhouse Comp Thing II"

Various Artists


I have a simple question for you: Do you dig the rock?

The second compilation documenting bands that have played Seattle's The Funhouse is filled to the brim with The Rock. Punk, garage(y), noise(y), crazed "stuff" (as Funhouse booker and CD curator Brian F calls it).. you know ROCK. If you have even a passing interest in said rocking you should pick up this comp.

First off, it's cheap. For $12 you get 50 (fifty) songs (all by different bands). That's like less than a quarter a song. Secondly, the packaging is great, it fits the contents and the club. It also looks good next to your copy of the first The Funhouse Comp (which you might as well pull out and listened to).

But you don't care about that, do you (ok, you probably care about the c

ost)? What you want to know is: HOW MAY OF THESE SONGS SUCK ASS?


That's right, none. There are some songs on here that are better than others, there are those that make me jump up and say "HELL YES" and there are those that make me say "Not bad at-all", but there isn't one on here that makes me groan and press the Skip-This-Shit-Button. That's a hell of a recommendation on most comps (and I can't remember the last time I said that about one) but even more so on a big ol' double disc like this one.

True I'm likely to dig this set as the collection has some of my fav local bands on it: Le Shat Noir, Coconut Coolouts, Intelligence (doing a song called "Partman Parthorse"), Partman Parthorse (not doing a song called "Intelligence"), RC5, A-Frames, Space Cretins, Warning: Danger... but it's Reptilian Civilian who manage to have the best track on here: "Evil Basket Weaver". This is just a weird, wonderful track that makes me jump up & down on the couch squealing along. Well done.

The shear number of songs makes this a fun collection to dig through. Grab a trowel and start excavating the Funhouse...



The Funhouse, Seattle