Artist: Oh My God

CD: "The Night Undoes the Work of the Day"


If Oh My God's dancey, punchy (almost punky) cover of the Fixx's "One Thing Leads to Antother" was the blueprint for this CD we might be in solid territory.

Instead the bulk of this CD is contemporary light rock that reminds me why I got bored with Ben Folds Five and Coldplay so quickly. The fourth track, "Baby There's Nothing Wrong (You Just Gotta Go to Work", awoke unpleasant memories of the era when Mike & the Mechanics and Steve Winwood littered the airwaves.

It's not all middle of the road, "Baby, dream" is a fun little number and worth purchasing as a download.
Now if only we lived in the era of singles "Baby, dream" b/w "One Thing Leads to Another" would see some serious spins.


Oh My God:

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