Artist: Sophe Lux

CD: "Eruptive"


Label: Zarathustra Records



Portland (OR) band Sophe Lux have pull off a minor miracle:

To wit: they've put out a two song CD of epic, complex rock that never descends into cheesy bombastic nonsense or pointlessly ornate instrumentation.

These two songs ("Hungry Ghost" and "Sophia Song") manage to (capital R) Rock with heavy doses of blatant theatricality in ways that are reminiscent of both goth and metal, but still manage to sound fresh and new. There's spark here, passion, energy and clear intent. There's intricacy that never bogs down in prog noodling nonsense.

Sophe Lux isn't afraid to wind you up and then slide the listener into a dark, quiet stretch. They seem to thrive on bounding from peaks to valleys, from full throttle rock to piano driven sepiachord.

On an even bigger plus these two songs go so well together that they sound like one 10 minute 30 second track that NEVER GETS BORING. I've listened to this EP over and over and it still sends chills up my spine.

Great job.


Sophe Lux: