Artist: Suzanne’Silver

CD- "The Crying Mary"

Label: Radio Is Down- RID-008


Do you remember Slint? Do you remember how it made you feel when you heard it for the first time? Be prepared to feel that way again. Suzanne’ Silver’s CD “The Crying Mary” belongs to a family of indie rock that melds passionate vocals with jangly analog Chicago-esqe revival. The third track on this CD, Pages, is excellent, and is exactly what I loved about the old Touch And Go aesthetic. This band reminds me of going to shows in Bellingham, WA or at the Redmond Fire House. It truly takes me back to the late 90’s.

The amazing part is this band hails from Sicily. It sounds so much like the music I celebrated in my record store employee days that I have trouble remembering that it is in fact 2008 and that I don’t work at Cellophane Square anymore and haven’t for ten years. This is a very good kind of confusion, because that music was some of my very favorite music ever made. This CD is fantastic, and you will love it.



Radio Is Down:

Review by A. Algerbay